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Hotfix 14.2.1


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Hotfix 14.2.1
- Fixed non-functional settings for "Allow Invites" option.
- Fixed clients not being able to invite players to Clan Dojos.
- Fixed another cause of unresponsive Inbox UI when returning from mission.
- Fixed players not leaving Region, Trading, or Recruiting chat channels when launching a mission.
- Fixed enemies getting stuck in Eris Infested-Defense levels.
- Fixed issue where attempting to edit a Solar Rail Schema would result in the player being returned to the Liset.
- Improved performance of Thunderbolt explosions on low end systems.
- Fixed an edge case where players could join Conclaves without meeting the score requirement.
- Fixed temp-file build-up in appdata directory left by launcher updates.
- Fixed Ancient Healers trying to heal dead avatars.
- Fixed gameplay crashes.


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