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How To Further Improve The Ui And Management


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.:DISCLAIMER: Any one of my "How to" posts is a mere suggestion based on personal opinion as to how DE can change certain things :.






I am happy that Kubrow mod section has been added.


<-sorry about bad star wars reference in the title->


So the UI is still under way for some fixing but I am extremely happy that they are listening to the feedback and are actively working on it. Here are some things I believe should be added or changed:



Favorite Mods

We should have a tab when modding and in general when viewing our mods, "Favorite" which includes a list of mods that we have made favorite across different types of  equipment, not much to explain here.




Could we have a sorting feature by "Most used" please? It would be nice to see and would make it easier to get certain mods.


Also if you click a sorting feature you already selected it reverses it.

What I mean by that is if I click on sort by name and then again it will sort Z to A and the same for other options that support it <-sorry if already in




I feel like it is time to get a search bar feature that is quick and dynamic much like instant Google. Why? We have a lot of equipment and certain a lot of mods.


This should be available in the inventory menu too where it has an "all" option which searches through all categories by default making it really quick to look at something.


For mods it should be based on the category you are viewing as well as it being available when modding making it easy for us to browse desired mods.


Not much else to add, pretty self explanatory



Warframe and Pets Modding UI

Here can we get an "Abilities" tab please? The way we have auras but one for abilities so it is faster to quickly equip an extra ability between doing mission runs to level up.



My Mods UI

If I click on just viewing my mods, can we have an option to jump into other features without backing out please? Similar to the old system, because in the new one it can get quite tedious when managing a huge library of mods around.


i.e If I want to jump from Transmutation into Fusing I have to go out of its UI into another one, the old system was much faster and I think it should be combined :/





Err for now this is it. I will update with further information if needed! :)

What do you guys think?

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if they add a favorites system I could see the "most used' section being kinda redundant in the long run.


Favorites would go a long way to organize the good mods from the useless ones. 

That is true, I was hesitant on adding each suggestion but each player develops their own habits of doing things, however "Most Used" would require more work than Favorites.


I just added my ideas there, in the end the developer picks what they think it is best :S


*Initial wording annoyed me

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They could have a "hide" toggle that allows us to flag mods that we don't want to see most of the time while allowing us to keep them handy in case we ever do want to use them at a later date.

Seems like a rather more useless mechanic though, favoriting can be much simpler due to the fact that in case you need that one certain mod you don't have to go out of the arsenal find the hidden mod and unhide it :/

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