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[U15 Megathread] Archwing/syndicates/limbo (It's Here Edition)

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Is anyone else REEEALLLYYY hyped for this? It seems like space combat.

At the beginning, though, I wonder what Ordis meant when he said that you could not extract during combat. Is that going to be a thing?

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Yaaaay Archwings!


Give me this, swimming (omg) and Stealth(yup,we're ninja after all) and I won't play any other f2p for a while!


More seriously, they understood that adding different gameplays give a better experience, and I'm waiting for it as I wait for other promising stuff like Proxy Wars,stealth 2.0,parkour 2.0 & the focus system.


As long as our game doesn't sink because of a greedy company and stay friendly to the players,I'll stay.

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