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I Feel So Sorry... (Kubrow Customization)

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yes including me... lol I spent so much $$ breeding it's ridiculous, but hey, what can you do....I just hope the patterns don't cost $$ too 


or at least I hope they don't cost $$ individually by kubrow

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the one thing i do wonder.  what will become of the Imprint system?

Not the trading.  but the whole "take genetic imprint"

will that part be removed? what of the crafting of the Imprinter? poof from the Foundry?


will it make way for some other method?  Like you will need one to change the patter and color?

or will it be used as a way to boost odds of getting the body size, body type and/or breed you want?


must wait and see I guess.

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to the people who spent hundreds of plat on kubrow colors and pattern.


I'm sorry. 


Well.... "the people" are the ones that wanted the 10p fee for random colors out so "the people" were the one that resulted in prints being sold for hundreds of plat. Are they the same people? We dont know.

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