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I'm glad the VOIP that no one ever used is being fixed.



But, seriously, always glad to see things getting fixed. And hey, maybe people will actually use the VOIP now.


I almost always use it, and am really happy that they fixed it.


I think part of the reason that people don't use it is that they might not know it exists or they don't have a mic to begin with.

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- Public matchmaking now avoids joining the same session twice in a row; if you don't find an acceptable squad (or experience network issues), leave the session and the next time you select that mission you will either find a different host or start hosting yourself.


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there is an formating issue showing the squad, when its an alert. The word Alert takes a extra line so all the other lines move one further down.


looks like this then


Mission   Sabotage

Fraction  Alert

Level       Corpus

Squad     38-42

Rewards  5

               10.000 credits


Besides that, thx and keep it up :)



P.S. Might only be in the German Version, since the German word for Alert has more letters.

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- Fixed numerous issues with squad VOIP chat


So this is why I get to see a struck through speaker icon next to my squad members? I have voice chat disabled and find it quite annoying to have these useless icons floating about the HUD.

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Torid changes:

        - Impact of Projectile: 15% Proc Chance.
        - Gas Cloud changes:
            - Now has 10% Critical Chance.
            - Now 2x Critical Multiplier
            - Now has 40 DPS in Gas Cloud.
            - Damage radius increase from 1.75m to 3m



1. No critical hits in the gas

2. AoE has not increased



Awaiting the rest of the changes.



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Kind of expected more than that, but thanks anyway.


As for the last major patch, correct me if I'm wrong..  But if you reduce the ammo on launchers to 20 and change the ammo to sniper rounds, then keep the sniper rounds at the same low drop rate, doesn't that just unbalance the game?

-Suggestion: Change the ammo count to 30 on Penta for consistency* , and fix it so it used the Sniper ammo mutation instead of Rifle.  


*6 rounds of 5 shots in the magazine, or 5 rounds of 6 shots with Wildfire

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