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[Thought] Learning From The Lotus (Not Lore!)

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Warning: Major geekage ahead. This post is an in-depth approach to the lifestyle of the Tenno, and how I've applied their culture to my life over the past year (well, a little longer). Do not feel obligated to read the whole thing; for you lazy readers out there, consider this one question:


What/whom do you strive for?


Foreword (A Note for DE)

Digital Extremes:


You may not realize it, but the culture you've created has changed my life. Although your "Tenno" draw primarily from the ancient Eastern cultures, the combination of their systems with those of the modern day Western culture has inspired me to do the impossible, and has changed my life entirely. To you, the Tenno may just be characters in a game, but the lack of lore has created more of a background than you realize - and I've applied this same background to my life.


You have created a fabulous game with outstanding achievements.




The Prelude: This is where it all started. About a year and a half ago, I found Warframe during the Easter update. I was a major gamer back then; overweight, out of shape, and didn't dream of changing that. I was as happy as could be. I can guarantee you that, had I not changed my ways, I would be destined to live in my parents' basement and would just barely get through high school with average grades. That's the picture I need you to see of me - the lame, pale, no-life who I embodied.


The Results: At the risk of sounding overly-arrogant, I'm a superhuman compared to what I was. Over the course of the past three months, my muscle mass has more than tripled. My attitude on life has matured; I've dropped my pro-gamer lifestyle and have adopted the casual gaming lifestyle (maybe once a week, for an hour). My diet has changed from processed, packaged foods to purely organic and light foods (turns out my stomach has actually shrunk as a result of this...takes less food to keep me going!). 


But none of the above results are as relevant as this: I'm more faithful. Not only in religion, but just in general.






How was this achieved using a made up culture from a video game?




Seek Perfection of Character


Be Faithful


Endeavor in all Training


Be Respectful


Loyalty is the Essential Duty of the Soldier




Seem familiar? This is shown when joining Region chat in-game. These five simple phrases have introduced me to a new perspective on life. Although this may go past many peoples' minds, it has motivated me beyond explanation. 

Seek Perfection of Character: I've been striving for just about a year now to better myself; I seek to be the one guy who sacrifices everything to give some.


Be Faithful: Rather than adopt the stereotypical "teenager" lifestyle of loud music and "idgaf", I've planned out my life according to what I have faith in (in my case, Christianity). Before I start a religious debate, let me say that whatever you are faithful in - it will have the same effect as it did on me.


Endeavor in all Training: When I started Warframe, I was a little waif of a person who had never dreamed of going to a gym. Now not only am I below average weight - my muscle mass has increased over 300% over three months.


Be Respectful: This one's simple; just turn the other cheek. This is coming easier and easier to me as time goes on; I have a stronger belief in a Karma system, as I've seen it at work.


Loyalty is the Essential Duty of the Soldier: I don't know about the soldier part, but I don't think I've ever been more loyal to anyone in my life. Despite the few breakups I've encountered over the past year, each person I meet I am sure to stick with. When I am with someone, I make sure not to "go looking", and such. With this comes honesty, trust, and faith.


In Conclusion:

All of this may seem silly, but I urge anyone who reads this post to find something they are faithful in, somebody to strive fornever stop correcting yourself. Perfection may not be possible, but through the "Tenno" culture, I think I've become a better person than I could've imagined. (Even my grades have changed from failing to straight A's, because I now strive to benefit in education!)


Again: find something you are faithful in, somebody to strive fornever stop correcting yourself.


Afterword (Extra Tidbits! Read before Responding, Don't Read before Considering!)

Let it be noted that in a similar, previous thread, I was told the Tenno background is similar to Zen-Buddhism, and can fit in with my Christian (or any religious/non-religious) beliefs. Although I agree with this, I consider the Tenno lifestyle to be unique in its own way because of the way the Tenno fuse cultures together. The "Tenno Creed" would be morally accepted worldwide; it is a common ground for good.


Am I the only Tenno out there? Are there others who have joined me? I call upon any fellow Tenno to show your voice!

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