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How Is The Kubrow Egg Drop Rate For Everyone? (Discussion No Suggestions-With Poll)

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Hey guys,


I am continuing my Kubrow megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/278994-kubrow-feedback-megathread/

and as people were out crying about the drop rate, tell me how it is for you. I don't care about fixes or whatever, just how easy you find it to get an egg.


If you want to drop feedback, the thread above is for that.


Personally, for me I can't incubate the little pups quick enough. I always have a spare egg lying in my inventory running between 1 and 7 runs per egg.


Here is the poll if you don't want to comment:http://strawpoll.me/2369352





Don't do 100 missions in one go, based on past examinations of how the RNG system works:

-Do about 1-5 runs at intervals at 3 hours

-Try to change the host around (it makes a difference in RNG)

-Don't do too many runs in one go if you are not lucky

-Try to matchmake with those who have been extremely lucky

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I've been farming kubrows for almost 2 weeks, 1-3h / day, i have 14 kubrows, 15th inc. tonight and i'd say the droprate is decent even though it could be better, also found 3 rare mods 2 skills and bite so far.

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Drop rates are horrible for farming.

Drop rates are slightly less horrible, if you just want to get one as you play through the planets and nodes, beause there's only so much to do on Earth.


It took me 2 days of farming before I got one, which got very tedious. I haven't seen any eggs since that day.

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I got 3 eggs in about 10 runs when the kubrows first came out, haven't seen an egg since nor have I gotten a bite mod (I play Everest like 3 times a day). Sad part to this story; all 3 eggs produced the same kind of Kubrow :(

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So far my record is egg 1 took 15 missions egg 2 took 60 missions egg 3 took 5 missions and egg 4 took 1 mission however those numbers might not be totally accurate due to my poor memory but they are fairly close.

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