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Item selling UI issue


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I don't really know how to describe this, but I'll try my best.

I was trying to sell a mod. I think it sold, but...instead of resetting, it just kept the screen dark with the mod selected, as if I was at the "Are you sure you want to sell "RIFLE MOD" for (credits)?" screen.

I couldn't get this off, and actually logged out, and it was still there at the login screen. It was fixed with a simple quit/exit and restart of the game client, but still kind of odd. I'll post screenshots.


That was right after it happened.


This was after I logged out - you can clearly see the login screen in the background (Beta 2, the red/orange/yellow flares, the warframe in the background, etc.)

I haven't been able to reproduce it, and I've sold some more mods with no issue, so...

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