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Getting the same blueprint/artifact even tough you have it


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It's pretty infuriating to have you kill a boss looking for a specific blueprint or item only to have him drop the same item again (not only once but many times). I find that the boss that drops the rhino blueprints is a big jerk on this matter, i might have dropped at least 10 head blueprints, and body, but not once did he drop the systems for the warframe.

Same applies for artifacts, after 1 year of waiting for the moment to strike (Dramatization), i finnaly see it... the beautiful "?" on a alert mission. I went there and finished it but instead of joy, i get anger, i got shotgun scavanger, and mind you i only have one deck card wich is shotgun scavanger as well... so out of all the others that they could have given me, they give me the exact same one i own alredy, and since it's pretty rare to see these alert missions it's a bit unforgiving.

I'm not saying that the other blueprint should drop 100% of the times after you own the rest, but at least make it so the % chance of him droping another piece of it is increased instead of all around the same. For artifacts i don't think that would work, unless you make it so getting the same artifact empowers it's effect even more, making it worth it getting it more than once, or simply stopping you from getting the same altogether, because differently from blueprints you can't really farm these easily.

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