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Penta And Ammo Mutation Mods

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The Penta recently got a nerf (big time) to it's ammo.  The changes being:


Ammo reduced from a total of 545 to 25.

Ammo pickups that are used from rifle ammo to sniper ammo.


Now I don't like these changes and I think that the devs shouldn't have nerfed it as hard as they did.  But I have one other problem, the Penta can't use ammo mutation mods to counter it's low ammo.  The Sniper Ammo Mutation Mod doesn't even show up in the mod selection when upgrading the Penta and a Rifle Ammo Mutation mod just does nothing... mainly because the Penta now uses sniper ammo.

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Well, Bow uses sniper ammo as well, but it has it's own mutation mod. Maybe they should add a "launcher mutation" mod for these weapons? Rare drop from specters in dark sector?

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Actually, ammo mutation mods work fine! I've got one on my Penta:

The RIFLE ammo mutation mod.

It won't accept the sniper ammo mutation mod.


The mod fills up the ammo counter just fine. I never really have to worry about running out.

I'm not sure why, I admit, but the rifle mod gives me sniper ammo.

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I can confirm that, while the Penta doesn't take rifle ammo, the Rifle Ammo Mutation you see in your mods list for the Penta works. Just think of it as a "penta ammo mutator" and don't worry too much about the name. DE probably just figures it's less misleading than showing the graphic for Sniper Ammo Mutator, since it's not a sniper rifle. Or something.

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