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Color Correction - Sick Purplish-Brown Intended?


I know that lots of people hate color correction and have it off, so I'm not interested in hearing from people who hate it and have it off in this thread, so if you could please refrain, thanks.


I'm interested in hearing from people who have a hit and miss relationship with it.


Personally, what I really like about it is that it gives a unified lighting feel to an area, and allows things like muzzle flash or a WF ability going off to momentarily "light up" one's WF in its "true colours".  It's immersive and artistic when it works.


And it works great (again speaking personally, for my money) on the generally "blue lighting" maps.


But there are other maps where the lighting just seems to bring up this sickish purplish-brown tone to everything, with banding effects.  Does anyone else get this or is it just me? 


What it feels like is something going wrong with the drivers or shaders - I remember occasions in the past with other games when this kind of purpley brown tone along with banding meant something was wrong with the drivers or shaders.  It's like the game gets stuck at a pass and doesn't render the final thing, somehow.


I'm hoping that someone here maybe knows what this is.  I can't believe it's how DE want the game to look in certain maps, it just looks wrong and bad.


My card is an HD5770 with latest drivers that it can have on Vista 64 bit (which are from late 2013 I think).

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something that may help you is the fact Win7/8 drivers also work on Vista


you can try to download latest driver from here




Thanks, I didn't realize that was possible.


In fact the installer wouldn't install them, it installed CCC and some other junk, but not the drivers themselves.


For future reference for anyone else looking in, here's a post on the AMD forums from a guy who's gotten the latest AMD Catalyst drivers to work with Vista, just a simple flag change and manual install via .inf:-  :)




I guess AMD no longer want to "support" (whatever that means!) the lastest drivers for Vista, but they sure as hell work with Vista (64 bit in my case) and install easily by the above method.


Will report on if this has made any change to the sick purplish-brown thing :)

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Will report on if this has made any change to the sick purplish-brown thing :)


Well, that's it, as I suspected, it was a driver issue. 


Now the types of maps that had that weird purpish-brown hue now look normal, and the flashing colours are less psychedelic neon and more just graphics fx.  It's actually pretty darn beautiful, and I am now a confirmed Color Correction user :)


Thanks for the pointer RustGear.

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