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I Have A Really Bad Feeling About The Upcoming Kubrow Color System

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I figure the patterns and colors will all cost plat, a small bit for them individually or you can buy groups at a discount. Like maybe, an individual pattern for 10p but all four for 30p, and maybe colors will be 5p each but you can get themed color palettes (warm colors, cool colors, Grineer colors, Corpus colors, whatever) at a bulk rate. I'm cool with that, bring it on. I'd love to have all my Kubrows color-coordinated with my frames.

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also this update disable kubrow platinum selling for non paid player

Uh, what?  Warframe is a completely free game, there has been no mention of taking this game pay to play in any of the devstreams.  Can has source?  Clarification?


On Topic;

Kubrow customization is going to be a plat sink, but at least it wont be RNGamble.  I'm not saying I agree with it.  


I think it'd make more sense to advertise it as a dye pack and have all Kubrow's base color/design be white again and sell the dye packs for credits/craftable items. 

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Well it can't be worse than having to RNG it. 


I'm not likely to buy any colours with plat for my kubrow because I'd rather spend plat on slots and stuff for my warframe. If we get some free, great. My current Kubrow is blue with S#&$ stains so I would like to change it. If not? eh its a FTP game and it doesn't effect game-play. 


I hope you don't have to buy them separately for each Kubrow or type of Kubrow though. That IMO would be pushing it. 

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Just saw the preview,I honestly think we will need to buy the pallets or maybe we have to pay 50p+ per color change.I doubt DE wants to piss off the people that spent 100p.Though granted thats like blaming DE for making something rare and for the players selling it for high then DE making it easier to get so in reality its the players prices fault not DE for the trade price cause they have no control over it.I mean sure you could argue the point that DE knew it was going to sell for High but Like I said it truelly comes down to the players value over what they got that determines the price and you the buyer on how much its worth.


Pardon my grammar if I made mistakes.

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I don't see how this will be a problem.

It would be 100000 times better than that scrambler thing.

Anything is better.



You probably buy it but I would rather buy color palates and pick the way my kubrow looks rather then playing the RNG lottery with the scrambler like they had before.



It really says something to me that they implemented a system that was so incredibly bad, that any bad option afterward is auto-accepted because it can't be worst than scramblers. That's one hell of a precedent. 

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