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Is Darvo In Hiding? Or Is Another Faction Emerging?

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If you haven't heard of the new event yet, boop on over to the front page. Who is this new associate? It sounds like Darvo to me...

A message from a Mystery Associate:


I do hope you will forgive my concealed identity but dealing in these unsavoury circles demands unusual discretion.

I’m such a big fan of the Tenno, you’ve accomplished so much and with such rudimentary equipment. That’s why I’m concerned about the coming Balor Fomorians. I think we both know your Warframes are simply not sophisticated enough to stop them.

But I can help you... for a price.

You see, I have an appetite for the rare and extraordinary and I’ve recently learned of a fine substance known as Cryotic. If you are willing, I will supply the necessary equipment and coordinates for its extraction. In return, I will enlighten you with what I know about technology that could defeat this Balor threat.

To sweeten the deal I am even willing award bonuses to those of you who exhibit outstanding performance.

I must say, some of you display the inklings of good taste, if our partnership is a success perhaps we will get to know each other better.


Your New Associate

In regards to the new Cryotic Resource:

In regards to "Balor" Fomorian

Sounds like a Death Star style fire-based weapon? Maybe one capable of melting a whole planet worth of ice and creating underwater Grineer bases? MAYBE?

SargasRuk2.png Another example of a cyclops Grineer with fire as a theme

Image of a Balor Fomorian Ship?

All of this makes sense, and then the mysterious informant is Derf

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It'll be Derf, the new Cryotic resource will be found/harvested on the coming Ice Planet tileset, and we'll need it to make the Corpus Freeze Gun (whatever the new primary weapon is in U14.5, I can't remember the name right now).


As for the Balor Fomorians, I'm guessing that's just DE's way of teasing the new Big Bad coming in U15.

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My grip is that there's very little difference between the speech pattern of NPCs. Cantis speaks pretty much exactly like Lotus; this new associate (most likely Derf) speaks pretty much just like Darvo. The vibe they give is the same, and I find this a weakness in narration.


Well, Ruk spoke very differently to Lotus in his gravidus reward emails.


But yeah, it kinda feels like Darvo's talking to us right now, even though this is most likely some other corpus jerkbag.


I get the feeling that this new guy is supposed to be a dignified collector of sorts, but it's hard to tell in the tone of his text. If he gets a voice during the event he might be distinguished a bit from Darvo.


And then the new weapons will use Argon Crystal, Oxium and Cryotic altogether. :|


*Screaming intensifies.*

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To hide from Sam. Is it Sam? I think Sam is the Darvo one of the crazies.



if its another faction then i hope its the sentients, i want to see what they look like....

I doubt the Sentients would be so kind towards the people who defeated the,.

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We can probably trust the mystery man, he seems like a cool guy.


A new side faction might lend some credence to the theory that the Red Veil produces Wraith weapons if we're getting a Vandal to go with it.

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New resource might be needed for Archwing. Might drop on the new Mars tileset? Going to go jump on the Dark Sectors if it drops there.

I also have a feeling that if cold weapons get introduced, we are gonna need some kind of "cold" themed resources too. Since the message did mention a Cryotic as a "fine substance"

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What if the ~new messenger~ is simply Alad V disguising his identity?


Think about it-- this "Cryotic" resource could be something he's using for his new Infested units, but since he's been on bad terms with the Corpus Board, there's no way he can get his hands on those materials. Instead, he's turned to the Tenno, knowing that we need a new technology to deal with the threat of Balor Fomorians, but in reality is just a distraction to serve Alad V's own interest in turning on the Corpus Board.


Seriously, try reading it in Alad V's voice. It's all I can think when I read it now-- Alad V slyly and sarcastically hissing the letter to us.


Anyways, that's just a wild theory. I still think it's either Derf or another faction entirely, possibly the Corpus equivalent of the Red Veil.

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From the quote: "you’ve accomplished so much and with such rudimentary equipment", we can assume the Mystery Associate is mostly a person from Corpus, as laser and and radiation weaponry would seem a lot more advanced than bullets and blades, However, I don't think the person is Darvo, since he never had any reason to hide his identity from us, even when he could (and do) get in trouble for it.


I think the Mystery Associate is actually Derf Anyo, since he says "I’m such a big fan of the Tenno" also "I have an appetite for the rare and extraordinary"which fits the original fan description of him,

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