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Update 14.5: Operation Cryotic Front!


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Update 14.5: 


Operation: Cryotic Front! 





Dig for valuable Artifacts! 


A message from a Mystery Associate:




I do hope you will forgive my concealed identity but dealing in these unsavoury circles demands unusual discretion.

I’m such a big fan of the Tenno, you’ve accomplished so much and with such rudimentary equipment. That’s why I’m concerned about the coming Balor Fomorians. I think we both know your Warframes are simply not sophisticated enough to stop them.

But I can help you... for a price.

You see, I have an appetite for the rare and extraordinary and I’ve recently learned of a fine substance known as Cryotic. If you are willing, I will supply the necessary equipment and coordinates for its extraction. In return, I will enlighten you with what I know about technology that could defeat this Balor threat.

To sweeten the deal I am even willing award bonuses to those of you who exhibit outstanding performance.

I must say, some of you display the inklings of good taste, if our partnership is a success perhaps we will get to know each other better.


Your New Associate



- Play the new Excavation missions! 

- The Location of a ‘Scanning Device’ will appear on your minimap for you to locate. 

- Collect Power Cells dropped by enemies, and bring them to the Scanner to activate it and keep it powered. You can track your Scanner’s power in the map on your HUD. If it reaches 0%, the process will stall until power is restored.

- Defend the Scanner as it searches for a dig site. Once the Scanner has found a site, it will appear on your map. Proceed to that location to find an Excavator that is digging for artifacts.

- Take caution!  Enemy waves will attempt to destroy the Excavator, and you must defend it. The Excavator will also continue to lose power. As with the Scanner, you must collect Power Cells to keep it activated.

- Once the Excavator has uncovered the artifact, you may choose to Extract from the operation or wait for another Scanner and repeat the process.

- There are three available Tilesets for this Operation.

- What is CRYOTIC (New Resource)?

Usually found in extreme sub-zero environments, Cryotic instantly freezes anything it comes in contact with. 



- If the Excavator is destroyed before it recovers an item, the mission is a failure.

- The Operation is on now until Wednesday, September 3 at 12 PM EDT.

- Operation Cryotic Front is the first introduction of a new mission type that will replace all Survival missions that take place on a terrestrial tileset.

- This Operation introduces Cryotic, a new resource that will only be available in the Excavation game mode.  

- At each of the point levels below and you’ll unlock a new Tileset in the Operation. It’s your choice – continue to dig on Earth or take your efforts to these new areas. Note that each new Tileset will hold more difficult enemies but will provide the opportunity to earn points faster.



With each successful dig, you will receive an amount of Cryotic based on your performance (100 max.) The more Cryotic you earn, the better the Reward – so dig on!

More than 500 pts = Event Badge

More than 1000 pts = Ice Mod Set (4 dual-stat mods)

More than 3000 pts = Latron Wraith and the Polar Glaxion skin


Note: The basis for the rewards is your best score in one single run.



The top three Clans per Clan Tier will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies. For Clan Leaderboards, a Clan’s score is the sum of active personal bests.

Please be aware that people joining clans after the event has started will not contribute to their new clans score. 




New Tileset Preview - Corpus Ice Planet! Progress with fellow Tenno in the Operation Cryotic Front event to explore the new frozen tundras! 

New Game Mode - Excavation! This gamemode will be replacing On-Planet Survival missions.  Give it a try today and let us know what you think! This is our first pass and we’re very interested in your thoughts, please visit our Feedback megathread to add your thoughts! The objectives are: Seek out artifacts by powering scanners with power cells dropped by enemies and defend the artifact excavators for as long as you can! 

New Weapon -  GLAXION

Fires a photon beam that halts molecular vibrations, causing instant and painful freezing.

New Weapon - KRONEN

The Kronen resurrects a lethal fighting style once thought lost to the ages. The Kronen comes with an entirely new stance, GEMINI CROSS! 

New Weapon - NUKOR

Creates and focuses a high-frequency field of microwaves literally cooking the target from within.

New Customization - 2 color pickers! Get the Lotus colour picker and the Eximus Colour picker today! 

New Customization - Hecate Syandana! 

Corpus Dynamic music is here! Much like the Grineer and Infested, Corpus missions now sport their own music which is dynamically generated based on mission events!  

Added an overhauled look for Warframe Mod cards! Find out everything you need to know about these newly designed cards here: https://warframe.com/news/introducing-our-145-mod-update

Added support for DirectX 10! Please see our Developer Workshop here for more information:https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/298460-directx-10/

Added support for the NAT-PMP Protocol in an effort to reduce networking problems. See our Developer Workshop for more information: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/298424-nat-pmp/?p=3396439#entry3396439 

Added significant improvements for load times, especially on laptop HDDs. See our Developer Workshop for more information:https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/298584-level-load-love/

Added more diagnostics to error messages for invitation and joining problems.

Added Corrupted category to kill stats. 

Added a "Talk" option to the context menu in Recent players screen that will open up a private conversation tab in the chat window. 

Added toggle to disable HUD damage/XP numbers in the in-game Options. 



Kubrow Additions and Changes: 


Added new Colour Customization options available through 2 new packs! These packs are brand new colours that can be applied to your current Kubrow patterns! 

Added a base palette pack that includes 5 colors you can play with for 100K credits! 

Kubrows are now in free-roam mode on the Liset! 

Price of DNA Stabilizers reduced from 100k to 75k credits.

Added a “Consign to the Lotus” button for unwanted Kubrows.  Fear not, the Lotus shall take care of them!

Additional animations for Kubrow Cubs! 

Added Kubrow filters for Mods. 


Warframe Changes:

Oberon Changes:


Oberon’s base Armor increased to 150.



Projectiles that are spawned after impact seek-to-target, not just spawned in direction.

Speed up projectiles by 50%.

Forced Radiation proc on the initial target.

Forced Knock-down on initial target instead of stumble.

Forced Puncture proc on all enemies hit.

Hallowed Ground:

Allies within Hallowed Ground can not be proc’ed.

Hallowed Ground will remove all existing procs from Allies.

Armour boosted by 5/10/15/20% per rank for all Allies on Hallowed Ground, with stacking being explored on multiple casts.


Switch to toggle ability with smaller base cost and energy per second active drain. All Renewal benefits occur when projectile reaches target ally.

Boost Heal amount 200/250/300/400 per rank.

When target is fully healed, remove any active proc effects.

Allies affected by Renewal have slowed bleedout by 20/25/35/45% per rank. This is affected by duration mods. 


Forced Radiation Proc added to damage on targets.

Small radial blind added to slam impact, but only for enemies that survive the damage of the cast. This radial blind will be applied to enemies that move into range after it’s been cast and are blinded by the impact of those being slammed by Reckoning!


Vauban Changes: 

Made Vauban's Vortex scale with power range and duration mods.


Nyx Changes:

Nyx’s Absorb has had it’s passive energy drain significantly reduced from 10 energy per second to 4 energy per second, and instead now has an energy drain based on incoming damage. This drain is 8 energy per 1000 damage. These drainage values are affected with the use of mods. 


Nova Changes: 


In an effort to compensate for more useful attribution of XP when triggering a chain reaction with Molecular Prime, the main XP is attributed to whoever started the chain reaction. Before, Nova would take the bulk of the attribution. Now,  the "weapon and instigator" carry through the whole explosion chain ( if Player A casts Molecular Prime and Player B blows up the room, Player B gets the kills and XP). Similarly, if Player A casts Molecular Prime to Crowd-Control and then use their slowed state to get a nice bow-shot, Player B get weapon XP.

Fixed some of the cases where two Nova's casting Molecular Prime would have unexpected results (explosion range and strength were always determined by the Nova who cast most recently).


Rhino Changes:

Added HUD counter for Rhino Stomp to show how much longer you have left on your CC (and how long to wait until re-stomp). 


Banshee Changes

Banshee's Sonar, and the Enemy Radar/Sense mods ignore security cameras and turrets.

Banshee’s Sonar now uses Energy Colour. 


Saryn Changes

Saryn’s Miasma can now be cast mid-air. 




Changed FX of Laser Doors when affected by Mirage’s abilities to better indicate you’re safe to run through. 

Update several Foley sounds: more updates to Tenno step, fixed rhythm and step events for wall running.

Updated Host Election code to work with new squad system (had been disabled since Update 14).

Added more details to error messages for invitation and join problems (we are hoping that more information will help us isolate any remaining problems with the invitation system).




Fixed the UI still showing stats for a “Charge Attack” when looking at Melee weapons. 

Fixed friends and clan sessions panel showing invite-only or objective-reached sessions (aka unjoinable and merely teasing.)

Fixed all consumable restoration totems (Energy, Health, etc) not travelling with you on elevators when you ascend or descend. 

Fixed Player’s game freezing for short periods when decorations complete while in the Dojo. 

Fixed Dendra armor colour not updating until you leave the attachments part of the Arsenal. This should also fix Ember’s FX, Nova’s helmets, Frost’s jets, Ember Prime’s flaming Mohawk, and the Silva & Aegis. 

Fixed Silva & Aegis Codex Diorama not having proper fire effects.

Fixed Sentinel vibrating when riding in an elevator. 

Fixed several navigation holes across numerous tilesets, particularly in places where Infested would get stuck. 

Fixed for Kubrow pet spawning behind player for intro cinematic when spawning in a mission.

Fixed several issues with controller navigation on Big Picture. 

Fixed several localization issues across several languages. 

Multiple crash & game freeze fixes. 

Fixed opening View Mission Progress while an elevator is moving will cause the camera to stay in one place until View Mission Progress is closed. 

Fixed issue with player’s HUDs failing upon reviving. 

Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not being affected by some mods (Heavy Caliber). 

Fixed Clients being stuck on the ‘Please Wait’ spinner when accepting an invite or joining through friends list.

Fixed players being able to invite anyone to Conclave sessions regardless of Conclave ratings. 

Fixed issues where Kubrow loyalty would not be restored if the pet interaction did not play. 

Fixed issues with stale and latent sessions occurring with Dojo matchmaking when users join rail editing sessions. 

Fixed issues in Infested Mobile Defense where the gas that damages the player at the 2nd defense point also damages the objective you must defend. 

Fixed issues with the “/invite” not working correctly when doing session checks. 

Fixed issues with the Pyra Syandana falling in front of the Warframe when viewed from the back. 

Fixed issues with Alert Defense missions on the Galleon tileset spawning multiple Defense targets. 

Fixed Extractor counts in the Foundry displays as "1 owned" when the player has multiple extractors of that type in their inventory. 

Fixed an issue where the player could leave critical actions unbound when changing their key bindings during the tutorial.

Fixed issue when a resource falls into a teleport volume it will remain down where it fell for Clients. 

Fixed Helios endlessly rescanning things not in the Codex. Specific examples: void turrets, arc traps, Grineer laser sensors above doors, smashable grates & fans. 

Fixed issue with Dex Furis muzzle flash not being customizable. 

Fixed issues with consumables purchased through Arsenal not being automatically equipped. 

Fixed player completing a Rank Up Test and their Mastery Level will not update right away on the Player's Profile Box at the top of the Pause Menu

Fixed an issue where you could rapidly hit the button to toggle the chat window while transitioning out of any diegetic screen in the Ship UI, and sometimes it would half-open the chat window and leave the screen darkened

Fixed issue if when the player is in the rail management screen, and they press the pause menu button, the pause menu will open behind the rail management screen. However once they do this they will be unable to close the pause menu as well be unable to exit the rail management screen.

Fixed issue where Crit damage and Crit chance are not increased by mods for Sentinel weapons. 

Fixed issues with overlapping text in solar rail deployments. 

Fixed an issue where the player could attempt to bring up the pause menu while viewing any part of the Codex, which led to an inconsistent UI experience. Now attempting to open the pause menu while in the Codex will function the same as if the player wishes to back out of the current screen.

Fixed issue where it would become possible to lose functionality in certain Dark Sector conflict scenarios. 

Fixed issue where players could finish the tutorial without gaining any XP in gear causing account issues later on. 

Fixed issues with long Kubrow names clipping outside stasis slots. 

Fixed rank-up tests being rendered unbeatable if proper loadout isn`t active, no prompts inform user of necessary loadout. 

Fixed issue where if a players rejoins a lobby after having previously run out of revives in that same lobby, they will not properly be put into spectator mode and will be have no functionality until the other players complete the mission. 

Fixed an issue where the MatchMaking drop down list was still visible in the Clan screen when opened from within the Solar Map (causing duplicate button callouts and leaving no way to change the Clan member list's sort method.)

Fixed Infested Ancients and Grineer Scorpions from using their grapple pull ability on Saryn's Molt avatar and Loki's Decoy avatar as it would not behave well (would have them pause for a few moments, if Molt was used again it would script error and break the enemy). This also fixes a similar issue with Vay Hek’s beam-zap attack. 

Fixed issues with Sentinel ‘Weapon Slot’ behavior in Arsenal when switching between Sentinels and Kubrows. 

Fixed issues with blank “Trigger” types in the UI for Penta, Castanas and Deconstructor.

Fixed issues with navigating the UI with arrow keys equipping things unintentionally - arrow key navigation in Arsenal has been disabled. 

Fixed issue where performing any melee action, then using a context action (Hack Console, Revive Ally), would result in an additional melee action after the context action was complete. 
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So Stoked. Thanks DE







This Nova change is not cool. I worked too damn hard to max my mods on nova just for someone else to get credit for my kills. Who even thought this was going to be a good idea? Change it back. This is stupid.

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