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Update 14.5: Operation Cryotic Front!

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In an effort to compensate for more useful attribution of XP when triggering a chain reaction with Molecular Prime, the main XP is attributed to whoever started the chain reaction. Before, Nova would take the bulk of the attribution. Now, the "weapon and instigator" carry through the whole explosion chain ( if Player A casts Molecular Prime and Player B blows up the room, Player B gets the kills and XP). Similarly, if Player A casts Molecular Prime to Crowd-Control and then use their slowed state to get a nice bow-shot, Player B get weapon XP.


huh I thought all xp was shared no matter how a kill happened if you were close to the player doing the killing, so now it is true that a Nova can steal XP.  Hit 4 then fire a single shot

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"with such rudimentary equipment"


Is this guy serious? Tenno tech is as close to geniune Orokin tech as it gets. Either he is trying to mock us or he has some Orokin tech lying around and thinks he is big stuff. HA.


So this cryotic is basicly Ice-9?


Latron Wraith? I allready got a Latron Prime but this... i will take gladly. 3000 points here i come!


GEMINI stance? Oh great here we go having to farm specific enemies again.


Saryn change? Nice but what about finaly making contangion more effective?


Anyway, stuff to do yay.

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