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Tweaked excavation level layouts to reduce marathon-fatigue.
Players can now only carry 1 power cell at a time as to increase difficulty.
Fixed extraction timer overlapping excavation info text.
Fixed issue where the scanner wouldn't drop if a host migration occurred momentarily before. 
Fixed Aura/Stances not showing capacity gain in the max capacity. 
Fixed ">" and "<" appearing as ">" and "<" in the chat window.
Fixed chat history not fading away after a certain period of inactivity. 
Fixed Kubrow puppy running away when attempting to claim.
Fixed score for Cryotic Front not being properly displayed in players profile.
Fixed players being able to join event nodes that they haven’t unlocked. 
Fixed popup text for invitations to excavation missions.
Fixed portrait of the "New Associate" in inbox.
Fixed mod screen becoming unresponsive after fusing mods then switching categories.






You can now left click players name in the active chat window! (This was ninja added in Update 14.5)
Added new filter categories for each polarity to the module browser.
Reduced the explosive damage of the Jackals rockets/grenades.
Changed Excavate to match Survival end of mission rewards in the sense of not giving out extra rewards since you earn them periodically throughout gameplay.
Tweaked Torid’s visual damage range. 
Tweaked Nukor’s sound effects.
Fixed a number of level holes and missing assets in the Europa Excavation mission.
Fixed not being able to pick up multiple datamasses in spy missions.
Fixed players joining an Excavation match in progress and not seeing the Excavation UI on screen.
Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse lasting forever when cast.
Fixed Oberon’s Renewal blocking other abilities/melee when active.
Fixed the navigation menu not resetting properly after deploying an extractor. 
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 Players can now only carry 1 power cell at a time as to increase difficulty.

thats as tupid move - half the times enemy doesnt spawn near soem nodes - instead near where other players are, so you need to carry them from afar,

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