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After joining a event mission that as been started and is ongoing, i get stuck in the liset after extract with no UI or possibility to move.

Nothing works, except pressing T for chat, im forced to alt+F4 the game to shut it.



Sometimes I cant feed the scanner with energy cells, it just doesn't accept it even thought it is below 100% energy.

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• Players can now only carry 1 power cell at a time as to increase difficulty.
thats as tupid move - half the times enemy doesnt spawn near soem nodes - instead near where other players are, so you need to carry them from afar,



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While doing the event, I opened my menu to check my progress. UI completely froze and the esc button did not work. I could hit the exit button to exit. Then esc button didn't work at all. Upon mission exit, I did not get a reward screen, and when I got back to the ship, my character made the animation as if I was looking at the menu, but there was no menu, and I did not get a mission reward screen. Had to force close. When I got back in, everything worked fine and I got the mods and exp from the mission, but no event progress.

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• Fixed mod screen becoming unresponsive after fusing mods then switching categories.



I don't think this was fixed since I was trying to fuse some mods just now and the fusion UI locked up, I was unable to get as the "Esc" button no longer worked. Chat still worked but the rest of the UI stopped responding. I was just fusing a mod and going to the fusion cores tab when it froze.

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 Fixed mod screen becoming unresponsive after fusing mods then switching categories.


The bug still occur in my warframe i guess, someone else ?

Warframe in its entirety locked up after I tried fusing something into my Tranq. Cleave. Didn't switch categories, no energy bar increase from choosing the mods either.

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MY GOD this bug happened I hust ended a mission and i tryed to goto Navigation then this happened...

and the pic is gone great ok lets just say my srceen locked to the nav bourd and not my chr and i chould walk around FREE of the cam... yeah it sucked

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• You can now left click players name in the active chat window! (This was ninja added in Update 14.5)
• Added new filter categories for each polarity to the module browser.
• Reduced the explosive damage of the Jackals rockets/grenades.
• Changed Excavate to match Survival end of mission rewards in the sense of not giving out extra rewards since you earn them periodically throughout gameplay.
• Tweaked Torid’s visual damage range. 
• Tweaked Nukor’s sound effects.
• Fixed a number of level holes and missing assets in the Europa Excavation mission.
• Fixed not being able to pick up multiple datamasses in spy missions.
• Fixed players joining an Excavation match in progress and not seeing the Excavation UI on screen.
• Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse lasting forever when cast.
• Fixed Oberon’s Renewal blocking other abilities/melee when active.
• Fixed the navigation menu not resetting properly after deploying an extractor. 


Hotfix is live! :)

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