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[Megathread] New Quanta + Split Chamber Bug


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Well, before the Quanta + Split Chamber bug would get the cubes "stuck" right in front of the gun, but now they shoot out again...except...backwards! That's right, the gun shoots out the two cubes backwards instead of forwards. XD I just wish to be able to use my favorite gun without any problems. =/

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couldn't find a topic about this issue and I hope it's not intended, but if you use Split Chamber on the Quanta,

secondary fire will create two cubes that will randomly bounce off each other.

This will actually be SO random that both cubes sometimes completely change direction and fly in the opposite direction you're aiming at, making them useless.


I hope there is a way to fix or improve this cause it's currently pretty much breaking the gun. :)


Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

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I can relate!


This issue occured for me this recent, as today. I never experienced it firing backwards when using the secondary fire-mode.


I remember when I started using Quanta, that it would explode first-hand using these mods. Now we're at, it goes backwards (hahahahahaha)


Sorry, though. It just made me laugh while writing it. (Back to the stone-age......no? Okay)



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I had this happen too, but not too often these days. I think it is a certain movement that you do while shooting that makes them go in reverse.


Indeed, movement seems to increase the chance of them drastically changing direction quite a bit. I'm not 100% sure if it's movement in any specific direction, but I think it happened to me mostly when walking towards enemies.



Punch though seems to fix it for the most part.


Thanks for the hint, I guess I'll have to try that. :)

Would of course still be nice to see a fix or change for this. I wouldn't really mind the split cubes bouncing off each other and fork out in a bit of Y-manner, it's just the complete reversal of direction that's irritating.

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