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Update Problems.


I was really excited about playing the game, but it appears I can't seem to update it. Downloads just fine and updates fine until when the download bar reaches 95%, the update will fail and display an update failed warning say expressing it has failed to retrieve the update and is about to retry, and it does and starts updating again (quicker this time) and it stops at the same 95% and fails again. This process repeats in an infinite loop and I;m hoping someone can help me. Using Win7 32 bit. I have allowed it through the firewall, run as admin etc etc as usual.

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Have the same problem after I installed it I had the same problem it. After the 10 try it worked ( you might say only 10 but 1 take more than 10 min) -.- 

So what do you mean with " Have you tried deleting the folder and reinstalling ?"  do you mean reinstall the complete game?

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