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Sold - Lotus Red+Black+Blue Sunika!

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Hey everyone! Today i have for auction an incredible red+black+blue sunika kubrow.


Auction ends at 02/09/2014 11:00pm GMT+1 unless buyout is met.

You are bidding on both imprints.

Minimum Bid Increment: 10


Plat Only Please


Start Price: 200

Buyout: Offer/To be added

Current Bid: 310 Yazzii


These are the DEFAULT colours 





Type: Sunika

Gender: Female (Random on breeding)

Eyes: Red to match!

Muscle: Medium

Height: Small (Random on breeding)


My Previous Finished Auctions (Rep):















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I actually don't have have access to a pc right now so I was wondering if you could hold this for a month or two ? I'm on a pc right now but when I get back I would definitely buy this for 340 platinum. Is this to much to ask ? And how does an imprint work am I guaranteed that design ?

I wouldn't have a problem with holding imprints of a winning bidder for 1-2 weeks but 1-2 months is just to long for me. If you would like to keep that price i can place you as the highest bidder and see how it goes (if your PC situation changes by the finish date).


Sorry for any disappointment :(

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just msg me asap when i can get the imprints :)

Auctions ends date is in the OP and has not been changed since i made it, "02/09/2014 11:00pm GMT+1"



I'm getting it here right here, right now.


I am assuming this is a bid, if so you are in first as this was posted first. If not Yazzii will take the lead.


"Minimum Bid Increment: 10"

Lowered Minimum Bid from this point onward due to low interest

If this is a problem for anyone please message me

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