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Hotfix 14.5.1+


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Added duplicate mods category.

Mod cards that you haven't unlocked will now have their stats hidden and will be darkened in the Codex.

Added missing Kubrow sounds.

Added missing hit effects for certain weapons on ice and snow.

Added missing sounds in ice tile set.




Changed Mirage Alt Helm to be untradable.

Removed blur from Kubrow claiming screen.

Tweaked Arsenal text to help with legibility. 

Optimized Swift Deth, Striker, and Thumper precepts to improve performance and reduce network traffic.

Removed scrollbar in stats page to avoid confusion that you can scroll further.




Fixed clients falling through the ground in the Ice tileset upon entering the mission.

Fixed getting stuck in dodge state when rolling through Corpus laser doors while melee blocking.

Fixed DirectX 10 option in launcher (it was not actually enabling the driver in game).

Fixed Sacrifice precept (sentinel was not always dieing after reviving the player).

Fixed energy color changing when selecting a primary/secondary color on some weapons in the Arsenal.

Fixed sound effects for ice bridge collapse.

Fixed people standing up during bleed-out to complete panel hack animations.

Fixed objective progress bar not appearing after a host migration. 

Fixed restores not traveling with players in moving elevators.

Fixed issue where clients couldn’t shatter frozen enemies. 

Fixed a crash caused by host migration.

Fixed a crash that could occur when joining a host while that host is shutting down to join someone else.

Fixed numerous other crashes.




* Fixed iron skin material for regular rhino.

* Fixed crazy fog in the last few meters of the hallway out into the forest defense tile.

* Disabled depth-fog for forest defense missions at night. 


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Fixed Sacrifice precept (sentinel was not always dieing after reviving the player).



where do we get one?

You don't. Untradable.

The few friends I know that do have it are extremely lucky.

Probably the same to the people that had the affinity boost auras and etc :)

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