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Does Ash Need 2 D Slots?



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Imo... No. I use only Vitality and Rage on my Ash, as do most people. Narrow Minded is nice for stealth builds but a lot of people dislike the range reduction on Bladestorm.


I'd move Fleeting Expertise in the slot that Streamline's in, and make another - polarity for Constitution/Streamline/Stretch etc if you want to keep versatility between builds.


Edit: Hell I don't see why you need that many forma in the first place unless you're not using a potato. Or maybe if you were swapping away from SC aura and using a lot of high cost mods. 


Etc Bladestorm/Invis hybrid, your current forma: http://goo.gl/pNe5yA

Even if you swapped the polarity of the aura to - for CP/ES you'd still have 5 points to spare.

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