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Best Dual Secondaries (Besides Akbolto)



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Thats such a shame! To date the Akbolto are still my most used secondary according to my profile stats. I've forma'd them twice and they're ridiculous. But, excluding them, and only considering dual secondaries, I'm a big fan of the Twin Gremlins. As with all full auto secondaries, the ammo efficiency is crap, but they put out some good damage and its just cool going around nailgun-ing enemies to the wall. The Akbronco Prime is also pretty good for creating a close-range wall of status. 

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I don´t know what kind of weapon you like the most so i´m gonna go ahead and leave some good weapons of each type against each faction.



Fast-Firing automatics: AkZani or Afuris. If you have Dex Furis go with that, it´s better than both in every way. Dual Cestras are very good too.

Pocket-Shotgun: Detron or AkBronco Prime (Not Bronco Prime).

Pistol/Revolver: Lex Prime (Hopefully we will get AkLex soon).

Stealth: Despair are probably the best for this style of gameplay.


Fast-Firing automatics: AkStiletto or Twin Vipers. If you have Wraith Twin Vipers, go with that over the regular ones, although i prefer them over AkStiletto too.

Pocket-Shotgun: Bronco Prime or AkBronco Prime.

Pistol/Revolver: Marelok and AkMagnus.

Stealth: They are all bad actually. Unless you consider Castanas. Castanas are silent so they could also be used as Stealth weapons.


Fast-Firing automatics

Pocket-Shotgun: Pyrana, automatic btw.

Pistol/Revolver: Marelok and AkVasto.

Stealth: Hikou, even better than Despair against Infested. They are not very good against Infested even though the are the best Thrown/Stealth weapon against them. Despair are good though.

All Factions

Fast-Firing automaticsTwin Gremlins has balanced damage so it´s good against any faction. Not really high fire rate though, but it´s not bad at all.

Pocket-Shotgun: Brakk is (Probably) better than any other Pocket-Shotgun against any faction. Maybe not better than Pyrana against Infested or AkBronco Prime against Grineer though, maybe.

Pistol/Revolver: Seer has balanced damage so it´s good against any faction. Marelok´s actually very good against any faction too, i hope we can get Twin Marelok in the future. Acrid maybe? I don´t know really but seems good now.

Stealth: There´s not one really unless you consider Castanas. They are very good against all factions btw.

Explosive: Both Angstrum and Castanas are very good against any faction, use the ones you like the most.

Feel free to correct me on anything if you think i´m wrong. I know that half of these are not dual secondaries but there´re not many good dual secondaries that are very good.

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there isn't a single "Best" secondary



there is a "best" for each faction.


in theory you are right, but:

in damage 2.0 enemies also have weaknesses to some elemental damage types

elemental damage is a much larger portion of total damage than the base damage (unless it has base elemental)


so, the weapon with the highest base DPS with properly modded elementals can beat a gun with less DPS, but more fitting physical damage, for example the marelok beats a lot of guns, even when facing grineer, because it has high base DPS


also, not everyone has the resources/plat to potato and 6forma every weapon, so it is wise to choose the best, and upgrade that

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