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Is Vauban's Default Skin Supposed To Have That Color Obscuring Grey On His Upper Body?


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I was experimenting with some different shades of red, but I can't use any of the darker shades which I'd prefer because this damn ashy grey tinge on his upper body will obscure most of it and make it look bad unless I make something eye bleedingly garish! 




Is this intentional? Because I don't remember this always being here. 

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Yes this is intentional, it looks better this way for me personally

yeah, that ash grey thing ovrrrides it so that no matter what colour you use, it always appears lighter :/ same on my vauban too


Opinions are opinions, but I really wish it wouldn't override whatever darker color I'm putting on there. You'd never notice it if you used something brighter, but any of the darker reds or blues I've wanted to try just turn black because of this. 


I can't say I'm a fan. It's like with Oberon's Oryx helmet having a mismatching white neck for some reason. 

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