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A Question For Hydroid Users


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I haven't used Hydroid myself, but I was curious about one of his abilities.


That one puddle ability, the one where you can turn into a puddle and suck enemies in, it's supposed to be a stealth ability, right?


I was wondering how many people actually use it for its intended use (stealth), and also if people actually use it at all. I can put up a tally if enough reply. This topic could also be used for DE's benefit, I suppose.


EDIT: To clarify, I'm not asking if it's useful necessarily, I'm asking if those who use Hydroid use that ability and if so how much.

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Well I recently brought Hydroid and trust me, he's amazing! Yes the puddle may seem like it's worthless but it's more than just stealth. You can actually use that to escape danger whenever your surrounded or even with low health, it can buy you time to regenerate shields. At first, he may seem weak and useless but trust me, once you level this guy up, he's gonna be extremely fun to play with and with the right build, powerful.

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I didn't know it was for stealth. I've never seen it used in such a way.


But it isn't a very good stealth ability. You can't drop down and wait for enemies to pass by because it's slow and they'll get sucked in.

You also can't move very far in pool without it being deactivated.


I use it for CC, dropping in and back out again to knock down enemies, to offer protection from infested when someone needs reviving, to defend objectives in an emergency, or to just be annoying. There are better stealth abilities, to be honest.


I don't think it should be changed into a stealth ability, either. Hydroid isn't about stealth.

Though maybe if you could move further in the pool, its use would expand.

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I love Hydroid with passion. His puddle is good for stealth, but it's kind of ridiculous to use for that, because he really cant kill anybody with it. Ultimately, it's gonna screw you over. After a while of building up drowning victims, when you come out of the puddle form, you will have all of them waiting for you.


Really, all I feel it's any good for is regenerating shields. It's also synergizes well if you are teamed with someone that has Rejuvination on.

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