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Where The Balls Do You Get Neurodes?



I'm not sure if it's just RNGsus screwing me up the butt, but I cannot get any neurodes for the life of me.



On average it takes me like a combination of 3-4 lvl 15+ Xini runs and like 3 ODD runs to get 1 neurode, and honestly I'm considering just buying them for plat at this point. I was able to forma my Boltor Prime and my Burston Prime 5 times each before getting 7 neurodes.

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As AdunSaveMe said:


Edit: and as Vykhram said (stupid typing on stupid cellphones...grumblemumble) Faster, but uses crafted keys- Lephantis drops them fairly often (usually 1-2 resources per run).

Also, iirc added to Eris' resource set, so you could go there as well, if you don't like the Earth tileset.

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Go to Eris on infested survivals. Bring master thief to open every locker possible and you can get around 3 neurodes, depending how far you move along the tilesets and how thoroughly you search (dont forget that those giant explosive containers break open doors to locker rooms).


You can also desecrate the hell outta infested and you might get a few as well, though they drop somewhat rarely

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