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Hive Mission (Candiru), You Really Have To Tone That Down A Notch


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I just picked this game up again after several months of not playing it, and while a lot of the new additions are really nice, this mission type is seriously rage inducing.


I've tried to complete it alone in several attempts, on both a Nyx and a Nova, including using all their revives in one attempt, but to no avail. Both of these frames and their weapons are 30 and have a reactor/catalyst, while the mission states it's meant for levels 19-20.


My guess is that someone on the developer team wanted to put all the annoying stuff this game has to offer into one single mission type, because clearly, nightmare missions weren't enough (wouldn't it be fun to receive the different debuffs all in a single mission?).


The combination of insane respawn times/numbers (some *will always* respawn behind you), toxic/magnetic clouds and shield reduction, paired with the toxic attacks of mutalist ospreys and even "outdoor" level parts (where your shields won't regenerate) is simply too much.

And then there's also the Ancient Disrupters. In this mission, getting hit just once by one of these guys can be your death sentence. Because you get zerged to a point where at times it's impossible to even start searching for the tumors, even when spamming everything at your disposal. Suddenly no energy, and you can kiss your &#! goodbye.


In my last run on Nova, where i actually used all the revives, i finally managed to destroy all 3 hives. But then i died in an outdoor part due to a bit of unfortunately placed level geometry. Final kill count was something over 850. I mean seriously, how is this a mission for level 19-20?

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A few tips:
-Rather than going for a dps-cc build, go for utility-cc, add health/shield mods, and regenerative mods (quick thinking, flow, rage, equil, etc). Trust me, the regenerative skills will help a LOT. (I used a mag prime and didn't touch/use/equip a single ability, so these missions are definitely doable without utilizing warframe abilities)

-Rely on weapons here, and utilize choke points. Even using a braton prime with punch through mods will do wonders in those tight corridors.

-Move, move, move! Never ever stop in one place or you WILL die (zerg rush)

-Remember, you do NOT have to kill every little thing. If there is an obvious exit, then take it. It is more beneficial to run and hit the objective points.
-While this is somewhat paradoxical, move cautiously (and slowly if need be)

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Fragile frames are not suitable for that mission (anyway, I did it with Ember and my trusty Ignis), take fast or tanky. And do it with team. Corridors are narrow, but there are a lot of places when you can jump on crate and stupid infested wont do anything to you. Muta Ospreys are your primary target, as well as ANY ancient due to their aura share. Disrupter will cause zerglings to damage energy, Healer with reduce damage and lifelink back to him, Toxic will make zerglings resistant to toxic and gas. Also take turrets and lazors to your advantage, they damage infested as well as you.

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The infested are seriously a threat on their own tilesets, those chokepoints will be the death sentence of you if you don't quickly lure them away from a chokepoint and go around them. I wouldn't even consider melee'ing them all the time, Volatile Runners, mutalists, they all can take down your shields and health in less than a second if they attack at the same time.


Parkour a lot around them, avoid them as much as possible, and focus on spotting the tumors, taking them out, and moving on to the next objective ASAP.


Without a CC frame, I can see it being quite difficult

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You can do these missions in 5 minutes with Loki, and you do know that this game is meant to be 4 player coop right? Doesn't it make sense that missions are harder to complete when playing solo? A lot of good tips in this thread already, please do try them out. 

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when you see the number 19-20, 5-10,25,37.....etc, it show the lvls enemies are gonna spawn, not the lvls you need to bring, although that isn't always true so I don't get it either 

but hive missions are like survival alert with corpus 35-37/ excavation event, you need a squad to win

and a tip is to get a Loki or Ash and energy siphon and an automatic weapon to do your thing and get the hell out of the crazy mission, and if you do the mission a couple of times, you'll memorize where the tumors are to you'll get the job done faster 

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Rage + Quick Thinking + Life Strike + good AoE slash weapon—Nikana, Orthos, Dakra—with corrosive will make even Hive missions a piece of cake.


You can get by with just Rage + Life Strike. Quick Thinking is good for that extra durability. Corrosion will help make quick work of ancients, which are your biggest threat. Just kill them as fast as you can. You may need to channel to ensure they die quickly.


If you don't have any of those mods, Valkyr is a great way to somewhat mimic the same effect of being more or less invulnerable.

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Thanks for the well-meant tips guys, I really appreciate you trying to help me out here. However, it is kind of missing the point I'm trying to make. I wanted to play this *for fun*, not to go into full-on tryhard mode to prove something to myself.


I know I could probably min/max my gear and/or run through this mission with a tank like Rhino, or just ignore everyone (ab)using an invisible Warframe. It would probably even be possible with a Vauban, if I were to just use my traps to incapacitate but not kill the enemies to prevent their respawning. Or I could just group up with 3 other guys with potatoed level 30 gear and I'm certain it'd be manageable.


What I'm trying to say, however, is that the difficulty level is way too high here compared to what you encounter in other missions of this level range. I'm pretty sure a team of new guys reaching the planet for the first time (who is able to complete its other missions) would get wiped time and again just as i did.


So, in my opinion, there's just too much going on in this mission for it to be manageable. If they'd tune one/some of the following down, it'd be much more enjoyable, I'm sure:

- Respawn timer/numbers around the hives

- Respawning from all directions (cleared areas are not safe to retreat back to)

- Debuffs from destroyed hives, especially the shield reduction (in combination with outdoor zones)

- Tumors have no indicator on the map. I wouldn't mind this being the case if not for the zerging and the outdoor zones

- Maybe enemy unit type composition. I like the osprey/crawler combo as an enemy unit by itself, however its toxic attack bypassing my shields even if i manage to keep them high enough in this environment is a real nuisance. Also, Ancient Disrupters and/or some of the draining Eximus units make this even harder to complete.

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(This post is meant just as a response to you guys giving tips. I appreciate you guys being helpful rather than come here and tell me to "get good, noob". :) I did read all your posts, and I'm writing down my equipment so you'll have a better picture of the situation.)


My gear isn't top notch, however it should be enough to complete these kinds of missions on my own (i would've grouped btw, if players were actually willing to play it at that time):


Nova: 74 Capacity (potatoed, 2*)


4* Intensify, 1* Blind Rage, 5* Streamline, 4* Stretch, 4* Fleeting Expertise

7* Redirection

Antimatter Drop, Worm Hole, Molecular Prime

5* Energy Siphon


Boltor: 60 Capacity (potatoed, 3*), Mods all maxed


Serration, Split Chamber, Shred

Elemental Mods: Blast/Corrosive


Hikou: 60 Capacity (potatoed, 3*), Mods maxed except Hornet Strike


8* Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Target Cracker

Convulsion + Heated Charge (Radiation)

Pistol Pestilence + Ice Storm (Viral)


Orthos Prime: 60 Capacity (1*), not fully equipped atm


Pressure Point, 2* Spoiled Strike, Fury

Focus Energy, Shocking Touch, Scourge, Virulent Scourge (Corrosive)


Also a level 30 Carrier, not potatoed (30/30 Cap), with Redirection, Guardian and Coolant Leak

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