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Opinion On Bleed Status


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I believe they do.

I haven't extensively tested it but I'm fairly sure that is the case as bleed dmg is a portion of your weapons total dmg.

Or maybe its only based a %of your slash dmg...


Nevermind. According to the wiki its 35% of your weapons total base dmg.

In that case I approve this idea. Would give more of a reason to use slash dmg mods over just straight dmg increasing mods.

While we're at it perhaps puncture mods and impact mods should also increase the effectiveness of their respective proc effects like a longer stun or increased temp armor reduction in the case of puncture.

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tested it out with the kronen. they don't increase the status damage. just the chance of the them procing (and that's only if they are the highest damage stat).

only way to increase bleed status is through point strike / spoiled strike and steel charge

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