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Angelus Warframe (Hear Me Out)


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I just got an idea while looking at the thread for the angel and vampire warframes.


What if there were to be a warframe based on Angel from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" Since I just came up with this I don't have to many ideas for powers and such, but maybe his ultimate could be a him going into a vamp mode where he becomes stronger and his health is regenerated with every kill or something along the lines of that.


As silly as this sounds, it seems like it would be cool. Do any of you agree?

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Its a bit difficult to try and come up with something different but have it come back and look like another ability


Hmpf. There are loads of things, that warframes cannot do. 




Ult - make pancakes and give them to Grineer, making them alies for x seconds (doesnt work on Corpus)

Ult - become ethereal and move through everything on map, when moving through enemies do x damage 

Ult - Enlarge your warframe (sic!) Only usable on open maps, warframe will increase in size for x % and increase melee damage for 2x



Its just a few I made up on the go

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