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Excalibur is a tough all-rounder.

Mag is a squishy caster.


Excalibur slashes people, does a cool radial javelin thing (called radial javelin, for some reason), jumps high and blinds enemies around him.


Mag crushes enemies, flings them around with mag pulls, can attract bullets to enemies and blow them up, or does this kickass shield polarize thing which restores the shields of allies AND damages enemies based on how much shielding they have.


I like both, personally. But for a starter, I'd go with Excalibur, cos it's a bit more forgiving if you get up close to a lot of enemies.


You also should be able to choose Volt. He's a fantastic caster too and has high crowd damage, mobility & defense.

A bit like a mix of Excalibur and Mag.

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Depending on your playstyle.


Excal is more damage resistant, has good mobility and one of the best crowd control in the game, if not the best IMO. Mag is good also, with shield polarize and pull, you can use her defensively and offensively also. Currently Mag is the warframe that has the highest DPS against Corpus and in Void missions (ennemies with shield), a part from that, she also has Pull which is an efficient crowd control with a low energy cost and fun to use.


But for overall factions and balanced between damage, mobility, defense and CC I would suggest you to take Excal.

I am Mastery Rank 14, and have every warframe, I just build Excal again recently cause I didn't like him that much before so I deleted him, but now I find him fun to play with and very efficient overall.


Both frame are amazing. Since you cannot get Excalibur Prime anymore, I would suggest you go for Excalibur, and then get Mag Prime later in the game if you want to, it is easy to get from Void missions.  

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