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The new Corpus ice planet tileset is great, and I cant wait to see it being host to other gametypes as well.
Right now, its a lot of the same. Needs new tiles, and game-specificones as well. Still cant wait for it to be integrated with the other planets. Would love to see a Grineer version of this, but the complete other way around(crashed on Mercury).

Power Carriers
Great idea, but they tend to stand out ALOT. I would suggest making a Frontier/Desert Power Carrier, carrying an appropriately camo'd Gremlin at all times.(slightly more nuanced then giving them white armor on a forest/desert map). Besides, they can be noticed easily by the big power core they carry. Would also suggest making a Grineer version of the Power core(like with the exploding barrels).

Corpus Carrier skin is okay, but needs to carry a Shock-Camo Tetra. Definitely a Corpus weapon, but not ever seen wielded by any of them. Little more diversity.

I dont know if its feasible with the current 'NPC intelligence', but maybe we could get a new Corpus Heavy unit, wielding the Penta. Or occasionally, the Corpus Tech would be wielding it instead of the Supra.

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