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How About Vandals ?


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Honestly I think a Latron Vandal would be superior to Latron Wraith.  Vandal weapons tend to have lower rates of fire and improved damage/accuracy/status chance per shot.  Those are traits that I'd much rather have on a battle-rifle style weapon.


For corpus weapons, I'd like to see the Lanka Vandal and Lecta vandal.



For the Lecta, I'd like to see its base damage and status chance boosted.  45% status chance would give it the potential for some superb status builds.  It would certainly give us a reason to use a whip other than the Scoliac.



For the Lanka Vandal, I honestly  just want a buffed sniper rifle.  I'd prefer a series of sniper buffs across the board to actually make them viable compard to bows.  Because of their low ROF, they need consistent damage.  Personally I'd give sniper weapons an innate 10% multishot chance (stacks to 100% with split chamber), remove their ability to get critical hits normally and give them guaranteed red crits when hitting a target's weakpoint.

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No :(

The Skana is a Tenno weapon, the Vandalization is reserved for Corpus manufactured gear.


Same goes for this.

*cough cough* Latron Wraith *cough cough*

I think that the new thing is that Wraith means Grinner modified, and vandal means Corpus modified.


I personally would LOVE to see a Lanka Vandal. Maybe a better status/crit chance just to make my gas/elec build murder groups with even more efficiency! :D Seriously try that with the 3 dual stat mods, hammer shot, and whatever else. It is amazing!

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