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How About Vandals ?


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Glaxion Vandal, then it might actually be a decent weapon.

See if they just changed the amount of ammo you get for it for every pickup, it would be a lot better. The DPS is actually higher than weapons (minus critical damage of course) like the Quanta (220), Synapse (125), flux (226), and Amprex (150). The Glaxion sits at 252 DPS but just has a terrible ammo economy. If it had a 2-4% crit chance that would blend a lot better with it's fire rate. Other than that it could use some general tweaks.

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No :(

The Skana is a Tenno weapon, the Vandalization is reserved for Corpus manufactured gear.


Same goes for this.

XD, what are you talking about? Vandal is not Corpus modification, explain Lato Vandal, eh? Also Wraith was known not to be grineer modification, since there was Strun Wraith.


How about infested version of weapons like "Ancient" or something else catch like "Fossilised" or  whatevar

Naaaaaaa. I'd go with mutalist :D




Vandal Prova Vandal!

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