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Solardwagon's Emporium

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So, at any time I tend to have large amounts of things for sale, and don't have the time or inclination to spam trading chat with any but the most important.


First up, my [short and sweet] wishlist;
Legendary Cores

Primed Chamber

Bright Purity


Then, what I have available. I will update this whenever I can with a fuller list of spare parts and mods. [Right now it's the basics]





Bleeding Willow

Coiling Viper

Crossing Snakes

Decisive Judgement

Flailing Branch

Iron Phoenix

Pointed Wind

Seismic Palm

Stalking Fan

Tranquil Cleave


Blind Justice

Burning Wasp

Eleventh Storm

Fracturing Wind
Gemini Cross

Grim Fury

Homing Fang

Reaping Spiral
Shimmering Blight
Sinking Talon
Sundering Weave
Swirling Tiger



Thermite Rounds (rifle fire)

Scattering Inferno (shotgun fire)
Scorch (pistol fire)

Volcanic Edge (melee fire)


Frigid Blast (shotgun ice)

Vicious Frost (melee ice)



Neutron Star


Blind Rage

Fleeting Expertise
Narrow Minded
Transient Fortitude



Prime Parts


Ember Chassis

Ember Helmet

Ember Systems

Frost Chassis

Frost Helmet

Frost Systems

Mag BP

Mag Chassis

Mag Helmet

Mag Systems
Rhino BP
Rhino Chassis

Rhino Systems



Boar BP

Boar Receiver

Boar Stock


Boltor Barrel

Boltor Stock


Braton BP
Braton Barrel
Braton Receiver

Braton Stock


Burston BP

Burston Barrel

Burston Stock


Latron BP

Latron Barrel

Latron Receiver

Latron Stock


Paris Blueprint

Paris Grip

Paris String

Paris Lower Limb

Paris Upper Limb


Akbronco Blueprint

Akbronco Link


Bronco BP

Bronco Receiver

Lex BP
Lex Barrel
Lex Receiver


Sicarus BP
Sicarus Barrel
Sicarus Receiver


Ankyros BP
Ankyros Blade

Ankyros Gauntlet


Bo Ornament (because there's got to be SOMEONE out there who wants it)


Dakra BP

Dakra Handle

Dakra Blade


Fang Blade


Glaive BP
Glaive Blade

Glaive Disc


Orthos BP

Orthos Blade

Orthos Handle


Reaper BP

Reaper Blade

Reaper Handle


Wyrm Prime Carapace

Wyrm Prime Systems


2*Female Raksa Grey/Brown
2*Female Raksa Spotted Blue/Brown
2*Male Sunika Hound Grey/Brown/Green

2*Male Sahasa Blue/Brown
2*Female Raksa Bulky Grey


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