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Ranking Up Test Bug


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Hello, Want to notify that mastery rank up test is bugged. Whenever i try to start it, loading starts and i spawn in my ship with message that i failed and need to wait 24 hours to try again. It happened twice so far. Would be great if anyone would have a look for a possible fix

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This happened to me a week ago and from what i gather this isnt isolated to PC. The devs are aware of this and other glitches involving mastery rank up test.




From personal experience you just have to keep trying and you'll get lucky. It took me around about five days before I 'completed' my test. I got into my MR13 test and failed it by falling off the map, and instead of losing (Or counting as a try) I completed it.

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This is the second time this bug has happened, happened the first time I tried to go to rank 1 (28/10/2014) and today (31/10/2014) trying to do rank 3.


I'm on pc.

I select rank up, it says im qualified.

Shows the loading screen, then straight back to my ship, nothing more than that.

No fail message. if I try again, it says training can only be done once per day.



I'm not too sure what to do from here, but waiting 24hrs with the possibility of it happening again isn't too fun.

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