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Enemy Sense Idea


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(I hope this is the right forum and there isn't a thread with the same idea around allready, btw why don't we have a mods sub section?)


I was sitting in a defense mission earlier today with an enemey radar equipped and a teammate with a loot detector and was thinking how nice it is that I can see all the mods lying around through walls. When I was looking back on my radar to find the nearest enemy an idea hit me. We have enemy radar and enemy sense, 2 mods that are mostly doing the same and how nice it would be to be able to see enemies through the wall.


So my idea is, change the enemy sense mod to make the one carrying it able to see enemies through walls at a range of 5/10/15/20/25/30 meters.


-enemy sense would be unique

-it would finally make sense to have both, enemy radar and enemy sense

-it would be very helpfull for solo players, extermination/invasion runners (tiered of searching the enemies across multiple levels?), stealth ninjas and would give a nice addition to conclave/pvp matches (ok it would need a conclave rating rework too^^) and imagine you would have had that mod back in the breeding grounds!

-would be a great addition to punch through weapons like the lanka (5m punch through) or punch through mods in general



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