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Ordis Would You Mind Not...


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Small thing, but it's infuriating to be playing around in the arsenal menu all quiet and peaceful, painting my equipment, to have Ordis but in and place his graphic over my screen while he's talking.

It blocks lots of the things you're trying to read when colouring equipment or modding a weapon (The values).


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No you ding dong I thought I'd make it for the laughs.

Did you laugh? I'm such a funny clown aren't I.


Yes it's a serious complaint, but does the word "small" mean nothing to you?

Feedback forum. It's a dump for all of your feedback to do with the game.

I personally find it annoying and needless (This raises the question, besides comic relief what is Ordis even there for) so I submit my feedback.
I apologise that it's not a ground breaking suggestion.

I'll try harder next time, hmm

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I'd just like to shut Ordis up. Seriously, it's an on-board AI, where's the shut-up command. "Are you going to do another mission operator?" yes but I'm doing something else at the moment for god's sake. The only thing I want it to say is if there is an alert notification, or foundry project completed, that's it.


I appreciate the thought behind Ordis, but right now it's more annoying than useful.

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