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Molecular Field Slowdown And Prime Wave Slow Speed(Molecular Prime Twist)


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As you can see, the prime process has been slowed due to damage concerns but the CC was hit as collateral damage.


Currently, when the field reaches the end, it vanishes almost immediately, so with this, the slowdown activation within the field at max range would be the duration of the power itself


To undo that collateral damage the suggestion would be to, upon activation, create a molecular field that spreads almost instantly(). The field would slowdown everything in it. This with negative power strength would make defense more challenging and faster with faster credit and XP gain :)


The Prime wave flowing within the field would however not be the same speed as the field, it would be the same speed as it is now. As a result, everything gets primed as slow as they do now and when primed, they sparkle, however, those who are not primed would simply glow when slowed.


Slow - Glow

Prime - Sparkle


As a bonus, those with Natural Talent shall have their prime speed boosted by a considerable amount or they can hold down 4 to speed up the prime process thus rendering themselves immobile until they release 4. This would make them vulnerable to enemy fire while speeding up the prime process. Doing so can eat up additional energy or not. Not sure.


Would be nice if there was a dual stat mod that boosted casting speed and Power speed. But Natural Talent would have to do for now.

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