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What Should I Potato First?



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I'm actually planning to potato both.

Where is your question, then?  If you like both enough to potato them, then potato the one you use most first.


If you are asking for what others would do:


I would only potato the Dread... It's one of the best there is at what it does.

The Detron doesn't fill a role other sidearms can't do better.

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Dread is a must.

Detron...if you want to have fun with it,or if you think DE will buff it someday,potato it.

I don't think Detron needs a buff.

Akbronco Prime needs a buff.

But not Detron.

Detron does not have any damage fallout and coupled that with its tight pellet spread and good damage, it makes a very deadly shotgun when used with a maxed seeker mod.

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