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How Much Time Do You Spend In Warframe?


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Depends on the update sizes and things I need to do, as well as the season.


During schooldays, I was on for about thirty minutes to an hour. On the weekends, that went up to about two hours. When summer came 'round and my college courses took a month long break, I played for an hour a day. Then, when a major update that brought things I loved came out, I played for a certain amount of time:


Miscellaneous Events: 5.5 Hours

Conclave Improvements: 3 Hours

Dark Sector PvP Update: 5 Hours

Cryotic Front: 3.5 Hours


During events, I try to finish at least half of it in one day. The only events I missed were the Fusion MOA one, because I didn't care about it at the time, and Gradivus, because the crashes were fixed quickly enough.


So, my average when things happen are around 4 hours. Other days, depending on how much fun I'm having + the environment/workload I have, I'll play for around 1-3 hours.


It's complicated.

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i find myself logging in even when there is no desire to play. i sit in region. disappointed at the current communities lack of clever. i experience brief bits of joy when kickbot ejects someone for the common misuse of accronyms or words related to sexual preference.  i check alliance chat from time to time hoping to find a player in need of basic modules or blueprints. feeding my kubrow can lighten any mood. the view from my liset used to bring a smile to my face but now it is just a cold reminder of how alone i am. the ships internal intelligence system tries to comfort me. i laugh at its jokes as if it can hear me. distant voices grumble inaudible threats via transmissions picked up on my ships scanner. i wish they could say it to my face. maybe someone will find me someday. 

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