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A Little Suggestion For The Radio Free Cephalon


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I thought it was odd that the Grineer in the radio transmissions (haven't heard the corpus yet ;I) were speaking perfect English.

With a grunty American accent.


So how about, keep the grunty accent and the deep gasping breath every now and then (which is painful yet enjoyable to listen to), but in the background, have them do the transmission, but in their native language.


So you've got a live english translation going on, but you can also hear the 'original' transmission in the background, in the grineer/corpus' language. It'd need to be audible, but faint enough to still hear the translation properly.


I think if you're going to ground the player in the universe (like with the Liset) then you might as well go the whole way.


It'd be cool. It'd make sense. A lot of people might not notice it, but I would.


It's the little things.

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Maybe Ordis translates what the radio says?

In a grunty American accent?


Should be transcribed in Grineer/Corpus alphabet and translated below. :)

I guess, but that's more like deciphering mail than translating radio transmissions.


What bothers me more is that Vor now speaking in english instead of grineer...

He's always been able to speak English. He didn't always, but he was able to do so before he got Keyed.

Now he just does it more fluently.

But he also has a different accent and still occasionally shouts grineer stuff.

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