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Frost's Freeze Renders Extermination Undoable


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So I got this wierd bug. It's more like a combination of single events.

The mission needs to be Exterminate which requires precise number of selected enemies to be killed. And I discovered a wierd bug: When Frost uses Freeze on an enemy that is about to die (0 hp with the death animation) the enemy freezes and ends up like that. No XP, no death, not counted as killed to the counter but his enemy mark removed from the minimap.

It's impossible to break the 'statue' that remains there and even though other players are unable to see it you as a Frost can even mark the enemy.

So...anyone else seen this?


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I think I've encountered this while doing some pub games on excavation playing frost, decided to spam freeze and notice that these bodies would stay after being frozen, although I can say that frost knows how to accessorize the battlefield with some cool statues.





I'm sure this is what you're describing, right?

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We had this issue last night on a vault run. We had already killed everything... or so we thought... unlocked the vault and strolled off to claim our reward.


It was not so simple.. In the end we had to just quit and lick out wounds. RNGesus decided that we didn't deserve the reward...

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