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Will De Ever Going To Make A Game Update? Or Just Bug Updates?


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DE has forgone adding content before, and just did bug fixes.   But they can't factor in every situtation that players experience.  So need the help of players like you to submit tickets with information about your system and network to see if they can fix the issue or at least opitimize things to where it happens less often.   

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Really helpful bug report.

Was it because of "host migration"?

Was it because of "disconnecting"?

You know? Tell us something specific!

Do you think they'll figure out what is bugged if you just tell them that you are getting kicked?

Please read this before posting bug report. Thank you.


BTW: I sometimes get kicked during host migration...It's one big bug.

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I say that they are getting kicked! What do i have to say more? There's no reason 

I though you were getting kicked WITH them.


It's probably because you (or they, but it's more likely because of you if you are host when they are getting kicked) have bad internet connection.


I never encountered such bug.

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