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Lev30 Weapons With Less Than 450K Exp


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i was looking through my stats and noticed i had two level 29 weapons out of nowhere, but when i checked the codex and my inventory, they both say the weapon is level 30 already.

Unfortunately i had already sold the pangolin sword, so i cant check that anymore.

But as you can see, both the pangolin sword and the akstiletto are level 29 in the stats and level 30 in the codex / inventory

I have no clue how this happened.



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I noticed this same occurrence with my Sicarus. Basically, it's a result of getting login bonus exp on those weapons. At least, it's because you got the 3k-5k login bonus exp on those weapons when those weapons were about to hit 30.


Mine had 447k exp on it, then I logged in and got login bonus exp for secondaries, and it was 30 in my loadout yet my profile said it was level 29 with 447k exp on it still.

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