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Is The Event Scoring System Unfair?


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Please read the above picture + my post and understand it before posting in the comments.


As the picture above states the total score for each clan is all of their personal bests added together. The problem is the biggest clan wins. That's it. Say a small clan runs these missions 200 times and all get personal bests of 10,000, they are still going to lose to a clan of 2000 people who get scores of 1001+. Why even have an event if you just give the trophy to the largest clan in the game?


I past events running the event multiple times actually meant something because every run added to your score, now it's pretty much a waste of time, because if you don't beat your personal best NO SCORE IS ADDED.

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It's not unfair at all.


Also keep in mind it's separated by tiers too.


Top 3 from 10-man clans. Top 3 from 10~30 man clans, etc etc. There are no clans of 2,000 people. 1,000 is the maximum per clan.


Ghost: 1-10 member clans

Shadow: 11-30 member clans

Storm: 31-100 member clans

Mountain: 101-300 member clans

Moon: 301-1000 member clans

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I think 301-1000 is a huge difference and DE should consider making some new tiers ... for example up to 500 and up to 750 members 

No clan should be allowed to have more than 100 members, especially in game where co-op is main focus. Even 100 is too much if you ask me, because clan with too much people is just another factory.

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