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Motion Sickness Still A Problem


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My wife and I got into Warframe back when U10 rolled in. We've locked in hundreds of hours. We lose interest from time to time, but came back around U12 to check out the new HUD.

Something had changed. My wife gets motion sickness from a few video games (watching other people play FPS is nausiating) but could usually handle 3rd person games like this. Suddenly she couldn't play a mission without getting a headache. Playing more than that makes her feel nauseous. We noticed there's this constant subtle camera sway that happens constantly. That and a lot of the other new features just make it sickening for her to play. I'm sure this is effecting others as well.


I was hoping 2 updates later there would at least be some options to fix the problem. Here's what I'm looking for:


- Have an option to stop the camera shaking. Should be still when idle, stay reasonably stable when moving.


- In the new UI, instead of having the camera pivot on a menu (like in Mods), give us the option to have it pan instead.


- Have the option to turn off any other sudden camera shakes (explosions, dying, etc. whatever else does it)


I'm sure even being able to have one of those options would make the game playable to those who suffer from motion sickness.

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I get motion sickness when there is extreme camera shaking as well, but only in certain circumstances.

The worst of it is when I'm playing Mirage and spamming melee Duel Zoren, that's nauseating after a second or two. When other people rapid-fire Angstrum as Mirage is also pretty horrible.

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You can turn off HUD shake, that's probably the issue.


There is an option to turn of the HuD shake.

The problem isn't the HUD. It's the camera itself. Go anywhere in game, stand still. The camera shakes. Look at a corner of the screen if you can't see it right away. Now turn off 'HUD shake'.

It's still there.

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