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Percentage Multiplicative Mods Not Working Correctly.


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I just assumed i was doing my math wrong for a while but im sure i am not at this point (because i bothered spending 3 seconds on a calculator).


So the problem is that i'm not getting the correct results from my vitality, redirection and flow mods. The steel fiber mod works correctly so i'm happy there but really it only makes me more confused. As it is my frame i will use Rhino's rank 30 stats as a base and my current mods effects as the modifiers for the calculations.


So in the mod description its (+ X%) which means adding the sum of (Base x Percent) to the standard Base. So we will add 1 unit to the converted decimal form multiplier to simulate the base we keep.


Base Health: 300 (300 x (280% or 3.8) = 1140) In game it appears and functions as only 580. Missing 560 health max.


Base Shields: 450 (450 x (280% or 3.8) = 1710) In game it appears and functions as only 870. Missing 870 shield max.


Base Armor: 190 (190 x (60% or 1.6) = 304) That is correct and appears in game.


Base Power: 150 (150 x (125% or 2.25) = 337.5) In game it appears and functions as only 275. Missing 52.5 power max.


So where am i going wrong here, because i don't usually screw up such simple math (at least not without noticing and correcting the problem quickly as i proof read and such).


As for factors i thought could possibly be worth mentioning to help solving the bug, i have had this particular rhino frame since it was first available in beta so long ago when we had the progressive upgrade tree. I have also had vitality, redirection and steel fiber ever since they became available and acquired flow shortly after it became available.


So any help or possible correction to my math would be greatly appreciated as i'm going to keep scratching my head forever as to why my rhino only gets around a 90% boost to his stats when he should clearly be getting more with those modifiers.


With much appreciation, PixelIvories

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Yup, that's lesson #1 to Warframe modding: all frame mods increase based on the base stats. So, a frame starts with 100 health, gains 200 health from levelling up to max, and gets an additional 440% of the base 100 health from a max rank Vitality. So, 100+200+440=740. Since Armor doesn't increase with level, that explains the calculations you got.

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Aha i see, well thank you very much for the fast responses, its a shame to know that il never be getting 2500 plus health and shields. But oh well, the only time it would be relevant would be a tiny 2-3 minute sliver between breezing through survival and assault and getting instant killed through iron skin by grunts anyway. Anyway thanks again.

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