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Phantom Skana Prime


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So this interesting glitch happened to me yesterday on the Phobos excavation level, but I didn't take a screenshot of it at the time.  Happened again today, this time on the Europa excavation level, and I managed to get a few shots:










Both times it happened, I was a client (not the host), and I was using Excalibur Prime.  Regrettably, I only purchased the Hunter Founder's Pack when it was available, so I never got the Skana Prime.  Of course, I'd like to be able to upgrade to the Master Founder's Pack...

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This is a glitch that can happen with both Excalibur and its Prime counterpart where the phased sword from Slash Dash remains in the player's hand after the ability has been casted.


For normal Excalibur, this will be a phased Skana.


For Excalibur Prime though, his abilities were somewhat recently changed to have phased Skana Primes instead of normal Skanas, so you get a Skana Prime stuck in your hand instead.

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Got some more screenshots, mainly of the dual colour effect you can get while channeling (blue energy on Excal, red energy on Orthos Prime):








It works with both Slash Dash and Radial Blind. When you're falling into a bottomless pit and the screen is about to fade, use either ability and the effect should remain when you respawn on solid ground. I was playing as a client, not the host, so I'm not sure if it works when you're hosting.

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