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Xbox One Update 14: The Mad Cephalon!


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Xbox One Update 14: The Mad Cephalon



New User Experience 2.0!


-Any players that have an existing Warframe account that is Mastery Rank 1 or greater will be presented with two options after logging in:  Play Prologue or Skip Prologue mode.  Both options will allow players to enter the new features of Update 14, however for those who want to take part in the new player experience can do so without needing to start a brand new account.  Any newly created account or players with an account that has Mastery Rank 0 will not be given the option to skip Prologue Mode.


-Our players often tell us the difficulty in learning the Warframe essentials is too high! Warframe Update 14 brings an entirely new tutorial and new player experience that reduces the issues reported with our older system. Read on to learn how!


-New User Experience 2.0 includes a brand new tutorial mission and quest introducing players to the narrative of Warframe and a much more immersive way to learn the game controls.


-The New User Experience 2.0 quest includes progressive disclosure of available gameplay systems and menus, allowing the player to complete missions and learn more about the game before being overwhelmed with the Foundry/Arsenal/Market/Mods. These are unlocked as the quest is completed.


-Excalibur, Mag, and Volt now make up the starter Warframe options.


-Added beginner Mods to be given to players during the tutorial system so they start off with a selection of helpful mods to customize their gear.



Quest System:

-Warframe now has a Quest system! New User Experience 2.0 will boast Vor’s Prize as the debut quest! The technical foundation is now in game for linked missions and quests for us to create.

-The newest Warframe, Mirage, is obtainable through the Quest System!

-The Kubrow and Genetic Foundry, used for breeding biological specimens, are obtainable through the Quest System!


Player Ship:

-Player Ships have arrived! This immersive and re-imagined space grounds players in the Solar System aboard their own personal spacecraft, the Liset!

-Introducing: Ordis! The Liset’s Cephalon - voice and guide! This new character exists as the Liset’s original operating system, and is finally functional and ready to serve the Tenno after hundreds of years of abandon.

-The Liset provides access to all major systems, menus, and components through contextual devices aboard your ship. These are unlocked via Vor’s Prize quest! If you are a veteran that chooses to bypass playing the Prologue, they will all be ready and functioning for you.

-The Player Ship has new diegetic (in-the-world) user interface and menus, with Quick Access menus available for faster access.


Diegetic UI:

-Pressing the Menu button on the Controller will now call up Diegetic UI from the palm of your hand. Use this in missions for normal ESC menu options.

-Pressing the Menu button on the Controller in mission will now allow you to see “Current Mission Progress”, which shows all pickups and details of the current mission.

-Use this Menu function in the Dojo for easier access to decoration placement and editing, instead of walking over to the console every time.

-New Mission Results screen! This new screen shows all the details of your previous run! Its minimalistic appearance will be expanded on as feedback and experiences with Liset form.


Genetic Foundry & The Kubrow

-Fetch the Kubrow Quest by slaying the mechanical four-legged pest!

-The Kubrow were once pets of the Orokin, and the domesticated Kubrow can be yours through the research that you can carry out on your Player Ship on the Genetic Foundry!

-New Quest for unlocking the Genetic Foundry to be used for breeding biological specimens!

-Different Kubrow personality types have different combat and non-combat abilities!

-Make your Kubrow more combat effective by caring for it and equipping powerful link mods.

-Create genetic imprints of your Kubrow that you can trade with friends and combine to create your perfect pet. Each Adult Kubrow can create up to 2 imprints!

-Kubrow Mods: Find 17 new mods for your Kubrow from Feral Kubrow drops!

-Caring for your Kubrow involves regular interaction to make sure it’s happy! Going away for a while? Kubrows are capable of undergoing long periods of time in Stasis, so feel free to send your Kubrow to Stasis while you’re away!


New Warframe: Mirage:

-Mirage, a master of illusion, Mirage confounds the enemy in a spectacle of style and power.

-If it’s Mirage you seek, you may obtain by Quest. To her powers of illusion we can attest. Within a vault, the requirements lie, as part of a dark and corrupted  infested sky.


Dark Sectors Enhanced:

-New Dark Sectors Conflict has arrived! A new gameplay mode has arrived to replace the existing Solar Rails Conflict missions.  

-Choose which Clan or Alliance you wish to support and play the role of Attacker or Defender on a multi-staged objective mission.

-Up to 4 human players per side, with empty player slots auto-filled by Spectres.

-Rank up your mods while you play!

-Are you a Clan or Alliance Tacticition? Find the new SCHEMA customization area in your Orokin Lab today! Using SCHEMAs, you can customize your Clan or Alliance’s Solar Rails by selecting room orders, placing turrets and Specter spawn points! Clan and Alliance members can enter your SCHEMA and contribute to your plans! Applying your SCHEMA to rails not in a Conflict state to have them ready for the next Conflict!

-Battle Pay is now proportionate to your contributions to the mission. For the new game mode, Attackers have to destroy the "core", and defenders have to prevent that. The more damage you do (or prevent, as appropriate), the more you get paid.

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The option to migrate your PC account to Xbox One is something that needs to be discussed with Microsoft.


At this time, an account migration isn't possible. We will be sure to notify the community if such an option becomes available.


Thanks for expressing your interest of account migration! 

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I can't create any weapons or anything that's has blueprints on xb1every time I go into foundry it like freezes me there. I can't back out go to a different category or anything I'd have to restart the game. Please fix this problem


I'm having the same problem. Can't access my foundry because it seems to 'freeze' on that menu, but nothing comes up. I have to completely quit the game each time to get out of it, but accessing the foundry locks it up again.



Went in to my inventory and sold an item that I bought from the market and it's letting me access it. Hope this information helps.

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I'm having the same problem. Can't access my foundry because it seems to 'freeze' on that menu, but nothing comes up. I have to completely quit the game each time to get out of it, but accessing the foundry locks it up again.



Went in to my inventory and sold an item that I bought from the market and it's letting me access it. Hope this information helps.

it helped me out so thank you for the tip:)

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I have bought platinum off the xbox store like yesterday and its still not showing up in game I spent like $25 I dont get the problem ive reloaded the game nothing other wise the game is amazing i wish it wouldnt of came out for xb1 so close to destiny but still its a good game i plan on putting alot of hours in until whensday rolls around 

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