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Nightmare Defense Missions Not Working Properly In Update 14.1


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I ran a series of nightmare missions today with a few clan members, and we noticed that the Nightmare Defense missions were not functioning properly.  Here is what we observed happening on Nightmare Defense missions:

1.  No nightmare mod was received as a reward.


2.  There was no countdown of waves remaining until completion of the Nightmare Defense mission; instead, there was the standard Wave # count of normal defense missions, with the option to exit or continue after every 5th wave.

3.  Nightmare detrimental effects WERE still applied. 
(Except in one quirky instance where not everyone was affected--in that instance, which happened on one of the Nightmare Defense missions on Earth, the 2 clan members I was playing with were affected by the detrimental effect that constantly drains your energy, but my energy was not affected by this.  They were playing a Loki and Oberon frame, I was playing Frost Prime.  This was the only instance of this glitch happening; in all other Nightmare Defense missions, everyone was affected by the detrimental effect.)


4.  Map did not make any difference--we did Nightmare Defense on Earth vs Grineer (can't remember if it was Lith or Lua, one of those 2 though) and Nightmare Defense on Kiliken (Venus) vs Corpus, but the same thing happened in all cases. 

5.  Matchmaking setting did not affect this problem--it persisted whether playing with matchmaking mode set to Public, Friends Only or Invite Only.



We also ran Nightmare Rescue and Nightmare Capture missions, but those mission types appeared to be functioning properly and encountered no problems in those modes.

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